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Drive Quality Leads and Save Customers Money

Hip Pocket™ engages your mobile and website visitors by using social influence and personalized consultation to generate new, qualified mortgage or retirement leads.

We help banks and credit unions provide an engaging, intuitive user experience that marries the emotional and logical purchase decisions.

    Built for Mobile

  • Responsive on any device
  • Fits in existing bank websites

    Social Influence

  • Unique peer group comparison
  • Custom results and call-to-action

    Powerful Data

  • Real-time interest rate display
  • Personalized savings calculations

“Over the holiday weekend, the app was live and someone found it and had already contacted a banker about refinancing.”

“Emotionally and psychologically, people don’t like to fall behind their peers.”

“In the first weeks of using the app, the bank had thousands of unique users and had an incremental increase in loans closed”

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